Woman Praying

A Prayer for Strength and peace

Dear Father,

I do not understand what has happened to me. I feel overwhelmed and burdened. Please forgive me for misjudging my circumstances. Thank you for drying my tears, Father. I trust in you that someday I will feel strength, peace, and understanding again.

I await for your right hand to reach out and hold me effortlessly. Guide me so I can see the flowers again and look for butterflies flying around me, believing they are undercover angels sent from heaven by you. Please remind me that I am not alone, Father.

May I now thank you for my burdens once more. Thank you for more strength to depend on only you. Thank you for your willingness to take care of me forever.

I await your thanksgiving and for you to speak to my heart so my soul breaks no more. I will look forward to what awaits ahead and trust you will bring peace to my soul.

In Jesus Name,


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