Testimonial-Great Blog

Hi Strong Girls Pray

Thank you for starting your blog. I have been wanting to know more about God. When I was little my parents didn’t go to church. As I grew up I felt God was with me, however, I knew nothing about Him. I am in college now and I have felt in my heart it was time to learn more about God. I do have a Bible and have been reading it in my spare time. I also have enjoyed some of the TV ministries programs since quarantining. I am glad I found your blog because you have answered questions I have, simply. I especially like your daily devotional section and I really liked the Q&A on being born again, it sounded like I could have asked that question myself! 

Strong Girls Pray is a great place to go everyday to read on God. Your articles are easy to understand and not intimidating for someone like me who is learning about our great God. 

Keep the articles coming I love them!

Thank you so much!


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