Testimonial~p.s. I love me!

Dear Tamara David,
I like your Bible Study articles. I especially like P.S. Love Me! I struggled with loving myself from fifth grade to my early thirties. I was a little overweight and shy growing up. I had no friends to speak of. When I got to high school, I decided to lose weight and break free of being shy. The weight came off and kept coming off. I developed an eating disorder from low self-esteem. After I plunged to a dangerously low body weight, I had to take time off from school to get counseling for anorexia nervosa. I fought with this disease until my late twenties.

I was sad and depressed. I did not like myself, and my life was slipping by. I was dealing with the devil, and if I did not find God, I would lose the fight. I became born again, and life changed. I started to get well slowly. I won the battle with the help of Jesus! I am now 34 years old, married to a wonderful man, and have 2 beautiful kids. I am happy and do feel joy from love because I know first hand what it was like when I did not think highly of myself.
Thank you for Strong Girls Pray! Christy G
P.S. I Love Me!

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