I need you to pray for me

Crystal P. wrote in with this prayer request. She asked us to share her prayer in hopes others will read it and pray with her. Please pray for Crystal and anyone else who may be struggling financially from the aftershocks of the coronavirus.

Dear Father,
I feel my prayer is not worthy of your time. However, I feel helpless and need you. I am going to have to shut the doors to my business. I have a small dress shop that was starting to struggle financially even before the pandemic.

But now I am sad to say I do not think I will be able to reopen.
I prayed many nights to you to keep my business going just enough to pay my bills and put food on the table. Do you remember those prayers, Father? It is me again. Thank you for answering those prayers then, and now I am back with tears running down my face.

I pray on my knees that you will provide again, Father. You have dominion over all things. I feel guilty because I come to you when others have more pressing concerns. Thank you for hearing my request. I have nowhere to turn other than to look up and seek your face.

I will now leave it to you to gracefully shut my doors on this chapter of my life. I know you will provide peace to my soul. I will count on you to help find the means for my children and myself while I pray to have the wisdom to find and follow the blessed straight path that you planned for me even before I was born.
Thank you for being my Almighty Provider.


Do you need prayer? Go to the “write-in” page and share your prayer request. Remember Girls that prayer together stay together!

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