Annie A. you helped me! My testimonial

Dear Strong Girls,
I have never written into anything before, but I love your blog and had to reply. I read on Annie A. and her testimonial of her husband, who emotionally abused her. She said her prayer writing into your blog was to help one woman get out of an abusive relationship.

While Annie, you helped me! I read your testimonial, and it helped me to write mine. You helped me make the final decision to get out of my abusive relationship too. (Read Annie’s testimonial HERE)

Your husband and my husband sound very similar. My husband, like yours, always made me feel worthless, stupid, and not good enough to be a mother, which I take great pride. If anything, I am a good mom to our two kids. That is the one thing he could never take away from me.

After years and years of emotional abuse, it started to take a toll on me. I wanted to leave many times. However, it is not easy to leave your home. All your things and memories that you have accumulated together in a marriage and walk out. I read the blog post that Annie had posted and thought, Wow! She sounds like me. Only she got out because she was so brave. I ended up being brave too and I kept thinking if Annie got out, I could do it too someday.

Like Annie, I caught my husband at our local grocery store with another woman shopping together! To make it worse, I had our kids with me. My first thought was I have to get out of here and away from him! I quickly went home packed up and loaded the car with what I could for the kid’s and me and left. I was so scared that I had the shakes and wanted to throw up as I was driving away from my home.

I went to my parent’s house. I forgot what it was like to feel peace finally. I have a long way to go to figure out my life and get my old self back again with the help of God and my family’s support. I feel like I am in a better place.
Thank- you, Annie; whoever you are. I just wanted to let you know you helped me and thank-you.


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