Is God Being Replaced with the Coronavirus?

Is God being replaced with the coronavirus? Is the Coronavirus all you are thinking about? Is the news all you are watching and living each day? Do you wake up and want to find out more about what is going to happen next? When we replace God with fearful thoughts we are making the devil very happy!

When we are not thinking about God, we are not living for God. We are not waking up, wanting to find out more about God. We are making God very sad because we forget who He is. God is The Great, “I AM.” The Creator, the ultimate doctor, and our savior. He gives us hope, peace, and miracles.

He doesn’t need anything from us because he is all-knowing with unlimited power. Romans 8:31 says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Put God first in your thoughts and actions and sit back with confidence instead of fear, knowing your future will be kept safe, secure, and loved.

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