Is God Being Replaced in America?

Is God being replaced by America? How chaotic America has become? How sensitive or insensitive can we act with one another? In a society that is so self-absorbed in themselves and worried about political correctness, we are losing America? The USA is based on “God We Trust.” Americans have trusted God to prosper and protect us since it’s birth over 200 years ago.

God put on my heart today that without Him, we are nothing. The thoughts of destruction and hate need to be halted. We are starting to forget how amazing we ALL are because it is getting lost in devilish acts of a FEW. If we have God, who can be against us? Romans 8:31. We need to come together as proud Americans and pray for God’s help to regain our thankfulness and pride. America needs to allow God to be God and spread His strength to shine His light of peace and love once more.

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