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Linda O. Wrote in and asked if we would share her prayer. Linda said she is out of work as a bartender and a single mom to a 4-year-old little girl. Linda is worried about her fiances. She is looking for this to be a time of opportunity to go back to school and finish her degree in Nursing. Linda needs all of us to pray for her because she has no means to make that dream happen other than prayer! 

Will You Prayer for Linda!

Tamara, Founder of SGP

Dear Father, 

Please help me, Father. I am worried about my fiances. I have nowhere to turn except toward you for help. I need you to count on. I have no job; my job is gone. I pray you can help me get through this. I am scared. If it is your will to do something different, please tell me what your calling is for me. I pray you would like me to go back to school, but I have no means to go. I pray with your power and will that you could put me in the right direction to move on. I want to get out of this rut for myself and my daughter. Please, Please help today. I believe in you so much! Thank you, Father, for listening to me.


 “If I could have Strong Girls Pray, and all the readers pray for me, it would make my heart lighter. I will pray too for another single parent’s like me.”

If you want to share a prayer, simply write in HERE, and we will post it. Remember Strong Girls who pray together stay together because of the power of God!


  1. ladycee

    Father God,
    Thank you for your unconditional love and heart of compassion. We commit Linda O’s situation into your hands and ask that you make provision of a suitable job for her. Meanwhile I ask that you fill her with your peace. Grant her the assurance that you are in control of her circumstances and she need not fear.
    In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen

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