God Certainly is with us in uncertain times

In today’s times, the feeling of uncertainty is certain. We all may have felt a sense of change in the last several months. It could be from financial worries, job instability, graduating from high school or college, even our health can worry us. Shamefully, we may also feel uncertain about God at times.

Believe God has us covered because he knows each and every one of us. He knows what we are worried about before we do. Let’s be confident and feel comforted knowing with certainty God is there instructing, teaching, and guiding us continually on the right path. Listen for His guidance.

Pray and tell God your concerns with confidence. He will hear your concerns because He loves you, that is for certain. Psalms 32:8 says through that tiny voice that we all hear inside our heads and heart God is instructing us and teaching us on all matters that we may experience daily. Be certain God is taking care of you today, tomorrow, and forever.


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