Please Pray for my mom

Cathy from Canada wrote into Strong Girls Pray and asked if we could pray for her mother. Since then, her mom, who is 76 years old, broke her hip eight weeks ago and has been in the hospital.

Yesterday Cathy was told by the doctor her mom has uterine cancer. Cathy came across Strong Girls Pray at the hospital and said she was to upset to compose any formal prayer but wanted everyone who read her request to pray for her mom.

So come on Strong Girls lets pray for Cathy and her mom. As you read this post, pray for them. Pray that Cathy has the strength to help her mom through this hard time. Pray her mom’s hip heals, and cancer disappears, leaving her in perfect health. Pray that they both receive the needed grace from God, so they live happy, healthy, and blessed!

Strong Girls that Pray Together Stay Together because they have the power of God!

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