The Meaning Of God’s Grace Is Not In The Dictionary

Grace is a word that gets used a lot but maybe not in the right context. The Webster Dictionary defines grace as courteous goodwill. God’s grace is not in the Webster Dictionary. God IS gracious. His love is unconditional and kind. There are no definitions in any dictionary that truly define the depth of God’s grace.

Ephesians 2:5-8 states we are saved by grace. The proof is when God allowed his only son to die so we could live. That is unmerited favor toward us. Unmerited favor is receiving God’s love even though we may not deserve his gracious kindness. God is willing to give us His grace because He loves us.

There are several ways to start receiving God’s grace. However, if you want to start receiving his gracious love right this minute, just ASK! Be WILLING to receive God’s grace and REMEMBER Jesus and what He did for us! You will start receiving God’s thankful grace and love.

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