Did God Create the Pandemic to Punish Us?

Do you think God created this world pandemic and the unrest to punish us? Some people believe this is a Devine intervention to man-kind because His children may be forgetting about Him. As much as God would love to be front and center in each of our lives. He did not create the Coronaviruis or any of the unrest we are witnessing. God’s wrath did not create these un-precedent times. Thinking that God would punish us in this way shows little faith in Him. We should not be judging God for situations we create. He just may be looking down with a tear in his eye, shameful of our behavior, but He still loves us. He will never leave us or forsake us. Hebrews 13:5 Thinking God created a pandemic, and worldwide unrest to punish us is limited human thinking. God wants all of us to worship him, but his ways are different from our ways. Let God be God, and let us be more loving and peaceful. So we can look to Him for guidance.

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