What Does God like To Be Called By His Children?

What do you think God likes to be called? That may not always be very clear to Christians. That is because there are over 100 names given to God in the Bible! Do we address him has GodLord, King of Kings, or The Great I AM? Those names are just a few of the English version’s names of God. There are many more names God goes by because of all the other languages that have names for God too. The bottom line is God has many names he answers to, and all those names are okay to use.

However, God does have a favorite name he likes to be called by his children. If you don’t know what name it is, look at what Jesus calls God in the New Testament. Jesus, Our Savior, and Son of God repeatedly used the name, Father. An excellent example of Jesus calling God his Father is in the Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:9. There is another name our Father loves to be called, too, and that is Abba. Jesus also calls God Abba, which means Father -Daddy in Arabic.

His favorite name for us to call him is Father because he wants us to know we are His family. It pleases God when we address him as Father-Daddy. It shows we desire to have a loving family relationship with our Father in heaven.


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