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Hi Tamara,
I love your blog and look forward to when you post. I am a fan because you teach simple tidbits about the Bible that make it easy for me to understand. Tell your readers more about yourself and how you came up with SGP!
Amy A.

Hi Amy,
I am so glad you like my blog! That is why I started SGP. I came up with Strong Girls Pray because I wanted to create a faith-based community that follows Jesus. A blog where Christians can read, write in, pray, and share their stories. I believe it is important in our busy worlds to take time to reflect on our faith and be uplifted. SGP is a place for women and men to read simple nuggets about our heavenly Father, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and about the most important historical book in the world, the Bible.

I did not go to school and major in theology. ALL of my writing comes through the Holy Spirit. I write what He wants me to say and how to say it. My category Coffee Break with Jesus on the blog is written during the quiet morning hours with coffee. God sits with me. I anxiously write everything down that He has to say, and I share it on my blog. I don’t have special powers we all have this fantastic gift of being able to talk, listen, and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Here are some fun facts about me!

  • I was born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • I have two B.S. degrees. A Business Administration and the other in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.
  • I love clothes and I get a lot of my outfits from Walmart and Target.
  • I am a mom of three boys and four girls, which is the best thing that ever happened to me!
  • My must-haves in the kitchen are a bread machine, ice cream maker, blender, and a Smeg Expresso Machine. These small appliances come in handy during a quarantine!.
  • My favorite food is spaghetti and pizza.
  • My fast food choice is McDonald’s.
  • My favorite form of exercise is walking. I walk 5 miles 4 times a week.
  • I love to paint flowers on canvas but only if the house is neat and clean, which is never!
  • My favorite color is pink.
  • My favorite books in the Bible are Genesis, Ruth, and Luke.
  • My favorite Bible verses are Philippians 4:6, Romans 8: 38-39 and John 3:16
  • I read the Bible every day.

Keep on Praying Strong!

Tamara XOXO

“I believe all women have a voice with God, and when we listen to that voice, we become unstoppably strong!”  ~Tamara David

Tamara, Founder of Strong Girls Pray

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