You Will Win Every Battle With God On Your Side

Have you noticed our world does not seem the same in the last six months? The devil likes the way everything is operating, and it is working in his favor. We can’t as Christians allow our faith to slide because fellowship and worship have been challenging to go to with the Coronavirus. We need to independently seek God because our faith meters have to rise back up to battle all the negative outside influences we face daily. God is with us to fight back all the negativity we face, Romans 8:31. When you are with God, you can fight like a dove and win! If you see hate spread love. When someone gives to you, then give double to another person in need; God will reward you. If you see sadness, volunteer to spread happiness. If you witness emptiness and selfishness, fill it with Jesus. Peace is a gift, kindness is free, and a smile is contagious.

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