Praying That I Can Help Others With Drug Addiction!

My name is Jen, and I was wondering if everyone who reads this will pray for me.

I am eighteen years old and recovering from drug addiction, and I am ashamed to admit it to the world. However, I am stronger and a much better person now. I am 6 months clean, thanks to my mom, helping me find God. I am born again!

Once I found Jesus and asked Him in my heart and forgive all my sins. Jesus took the addiction away. I slowly improved and got better. I know if I would not have found Jesus, I would not be where I am today. He truly is a healer.

I pray He ALWAYS stays number 1 in my heart. I hope that God uses me to help other teenagers who need help with their addictions. I would love God to guide me down a path dedicated to youth ministry. God is Good! He helped me when I could not help myself!

Thank you, Strong Girls Pray!

Jen, Strong Girls Pray is so proud of your testimonial!

We will continue praying for you! We pray that your dedication to helping others with drug addictions saves them. We also pray that your discipleship with Jesus encourages others to become Saved!

Again, we are so proud of you, Jen!

“Strong Girls who pray together stay together. All women have a voice with God, and when we listen to that voice, we become unstoppably strong!”  ~Tamara David~

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