Are The End Of Times Here?

Are the end of times here? It is a subject matter that most Christians have been thinking about. The coronavirus seems to have changed the world, country, state, city, families, and us. The way we work, shop, pay, and go to school has been effected. Face masks have become a new fashion statement.

God put on my heart that we are getting too obsessed with the world ending. Our Father in Heaven wants all of us to live for today, worship Him, and not worry about such things. He desires us to focus on our lives and the blessings provided. Did you know God gives out blessings daily for us to take and enjoy freely? It is up to us to recognize them, use them, and be thankful.

Take a few minutes today and walk and talk with our Father in Heaven. He will reveal many things to you; however, the world’s end is not for us to decide or worry about. For now, enjoy your daily life.

Are you born again? If not, now may be a good time to ask for your sins to be forgiven and ask Jesus in your heart. If the world ended today, you are saved and ready to go to our Father’s Heavenly Kingdom for all eternity.

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