About Strong Girls Pray

Our Mission: Strong Girls Pray was created by one woman for all women to have a place to go and get inspired. It is a place to read, write, and to share testimonials on how God touches our lives. By sharing our stories with each other, Strong Girls Pray can give strength, encouragement, and comfort to women who want to be uplifted through faith. Strong Girls Pray was created, so women everywhere have the opportunity to write and share their own stories on how God helped them through tough times and even exciting times! Together we can encourage one another through one story at a time to live happy, healthy, and blessed.

Founder Tamara David says, “I have a voice, and I knew if I had the opportunity to share my story with other women on how God has lifted me, it could lift them too. Others need to read and share God’s remarkable works. I created Strong Girls Pray because I always say that I have been through a lot but not as much as others. When we go through extraordinary events, they are life’s teaching tools. God wants us to take these times to be thankful, embrace who we are through Him, and share with each other’s our testimonials. I believe all women have a voice with God, and when we listen to that voice, we become unstoppably strong!”  Philippians 4:13