How and Why God Created Time For the Universe

Let’s define time, according to God. God himself needs no measure of time because He is a spiritual being who can see everything in the past, present, and future all at once. The Bible says God views one earth day as being equivalent to one thousand years for Him! (2 Peter 3:8)

You Need To Have Courage To Embrace Who You Are

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” Georgia O’Keeffe.  While Ms. O’Keeffe may be referring to the visual and performing arts, her words inspired me to reflect upon each person’s uniqueness and the courage it takes to embrace who God made us be. Every person is created in God’s image. God […]

You Will Win Every Battle With God On Your Side

Have you noticed our world does not seem the same in the last six months? The devil likes the way everything is operating, and it is working in his favor. We can’t as Christians allow our faith to slide because fellowship and worship have been challenging to go to with the coronavirus.

What Does God like To Be Called By His Children?

What does God like to be called? That may not be very clear to Christians. Do we address him has God, Lord, King of Kings, or The Great I AM? Those names are just a few of the English version’s names of God. There are many more names God goes by too. There are more names in other languages that address God goes by. The bottom line is God has many names he answers to, and all those names are okay to use.

I Never Pray Before Meals Does That Make Me a Bad Christian?

I never pray before I eat. I pray at night before I go to sleep but never before I eat. I thought of this today when I was out to lunch with my girlfriends. I saw an older lady eating by herself. When the waitress came to her customer and put her salad down, the older lady closed her eyes, bowed her head, paused for a second, and opened her eyes. That is when I realized she was praying. I thought to myself, I never pray before meals. Am I a bad Christian?

Did God Create the Pandemic to Punish Us?

Do you think God created this world pandemic and the unrest to punish us? Some people believe this is a Devine intervention to man-kind because His children may be forgetting about Him. As much as God would love to be front and center in each of our lives.


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